Yoginiology Wellness Club
Yoginiology Wellness Club Yoginiology Wellness Club

Join our group and every month we'll help you with your fitness, your health... and your life!

We'll build a new theme each month so you can develop your skills. 

You'll receive:

  • One new video with a new move to help you expand your skills and get more variety
  • One mental exercise to help you calm your mind and help you deal with life's daily stresses.
  • One training video from the Yoginiology vault with personal notes from Julie on how to make the most from your moves
  • Direct email hotline to Julie to get any of your Yoga questions answered pesonally.
  • One FREE ebook from the Yoginiology library.
  • 15% member discount on Yoginiology DVD, clothing, and retreats.
  • 1 Free Yoginiology surprise product delivered every 90 days. You never know what it will but, but it will be something cool to let you know we appreciate you.