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Yoginiology is all about bringing together the women behind the yoga (and, of course, there’s lots of yoga here too!) But more than the physical yoga practice so many are familiar with, we’re about yoga life!


We're about interconnectedness, passion, purpose, and a whole lot of fun and exploration. We love how much attention yoga is getting in the media and how many people are now practicing!

 We are not shallow. We are not selfie-obsessed. We're not in class or carrying a yoga mat to meet guys (although power to you if you do and did!)

 We could care less about perfecting an “advanced” pose. And we certainly don’t all look the same. (Hallelujah!)

 We do so much more than just talk about our yoga practices, we share our entire life (the good and the bad, the ups and the downs, the challenges and all of the successes)...

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We are on a mission to uplift, inspire, and empower women everywhere. 

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 From free yoga classes (lots of ‘em!) to articles about success and creativity, interviews with teachers, moms, business owners and life explorers we admire, to lessons on how to develop positive lasting change, you’ll find it here.

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